About Gershon Bram

Gershon Bramgershon

Born in Kiryat Ata, today he lives and works in Tel Aviv. Mr. Bram studied Fashion at the International Fashion Design and Business School, ESMOD, Paris.

Gershon won a scholarship from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The scholarship was for vocational in-service training at “Atid New York” (a subsidiary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for export to the USA).

Bram specialized under the famous designer Ted Lapidus, and in 1971, he joined the Lapidus’ design team.

At 1972, Bram returned to Israel, and worked for companies such as Begged Or, Makat, Devina, Eld, Pony, and more…

At 1973, after the Yom Kippur War, Bram was the first to introduce suit-pants and designed dresses to hospital nurses (who didn’t want to wear a plain robe).

At 1982, he was chosen to design the Club Med, Mediterranean Club’s Collection, and up till 1998 he was one of the Club’s designers. Then it was decided to transfer the design and production to Turkey.

Bram is of the leaders in the field of Women’s Fashion, and was selected as one of the ten Israeli designers to represent Israel in a special exhibition commemorating the 50th Anniversary for the state of Israel. The exhibition was sponsored by the embassy in Rome, and the Vatican.

Gershon Bram was asked by Ms. Ruth Dayan (wife of the late General Moshe Dayan) to join the Israel Multiple Sclerosis Society, and he of course agreed.

During the years, Bram held a few major exhibitions, and donated the proceeds to the benefits of sclerosis patients.

The relationship between Ruth and Gershon led to the production of a special exhibition, with the cooperation of Bedouins in the Negev that were under Ruth’s sponsorship in the jewelry industry.

Gerson’s designs were showcased at an exhibition, featuring his embroidered clothes, hand-made by the Bedouins. The exhibition was held at the Beit HaNassi (the President’s House) in Jerusalem, and in the background, the songs of Shoshana Damari, a close friend of Gershon’s, were played.

At 1997, Gershon introduced, for the first time, the G.B. Company, which specializes in men clothes. The company enjoyed great success, and created many innovations in Israeli Men’s Fashion.

In 1999 and 2000, Gershon Bram won the Oscar Award for Best Men´s Clothing Designer, and is one of the few that has won the award two years in a row for the same category.

The awards were held with the sponsorship of Channel 2, and were broadcast live.

“Without any doubt, Gershon Bram was one of the leaders in the changing of mens fashion in the Israel of 2000” (Noa Arbor, Ma’ariv)

In January 1999, the Ramat Gan Museum displayed the joint works of Gershon Bram, and Philip Rantzer, as part of an Israeli Designers and Sculptors Exhibition entitled T.SHIRT.

Gershon Bram always says that “I am from there, from Kfar Ata [Kiryat Ata], I breathed fashion since I was born, man is made in the pattern of his homeland’s view”. 


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